Stage 16 : Updated

2 clever players had Mads Pedersen for the win today and many of you had the second with Pascal Ackerman.

It's a textbook breakaway day tomorrow. Potentially some serious gains to be made in the GC if you pick the right rider(s).

Tuesday 6th September 2022 16:20:54 pm (UTC)

Stage 15 : Updated

Lopez was clearly the preferred selection today but the clear favourite could only manage 3rd. Nobody had the winner today but a few had Mas in second, so a few seconds gained for some folk.

A rest day tomorrow ahead of stage 16. A chance for any sprinters that have made it this far in the tour.

Sunday 4th September 2022 16:11:33 pm (UTC)

Stage 14 : Updated

The results for Stage 14 are in. Congrats to those that predicted Carapaz would get his second win of the tour.

A very similar looking stage tomorrow.

Saturday 3rd September 2022 16:06:23 pm (UTC)

Stage 13 : Updated

A bunch finish and just one of us picked the stage winner - despite him being the pre-stage favourite.

Not much change in the GC as there were very few gaps. I suspect that will change over the weekend!

Friday 2nd September 2022 15:34:07 pm (UTC)

Stage 12 : Updated

Stage 12 results are in. A few gaps in the GC standings as the break stayed away - and a new leader here too.

Another chance for the quick riders tomorrow before we return to the mountains for the weekend.

Thursday 1st September 2022 15:54:26 pm (UTC)

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