How to Play

Simply create your team and select 2 riders to represent your team in each stage of the tour.

Rider Selection

You are able to select 2 riders in your team for each stage of the Tour, although you are only allowed to select any rider once.

The best of those 2 riders will be used for calculating your teams time. The other rider is removed from your team and is available for re-selection in any subsequent stage.

You can update your riders throughout the event for all stages that haven't passed their cut-off time. Rider selections will be frozen on the morning of each stage and the time is displayed on the rider selection screen. It is recommended that you make your selections prior to 10:00am UK Local Time.

The time recorded by your best rider in each named stage will be added to your total time. The aim of the game is to complete all 21 stages in the shortest possible time.

If you fail to select 2 riders prior to the cut-off for any stage a rider will be randomly assigned to each available spot from the previous days finishers.

If your rider(s) fails to post a time in their named stage the time recorded against that rider will be that of the slowest rider that crosses the finishing line. If a rider is outside of the stage time limit (OTL) their time is not used, instead they will be awarded the time of the last rider to complete within the time limit.

There are 2 competitions in play here;

General Classification

The winning entry will be the person that completes all stages in the shortest aggregate time (all 21 stage times combined).

Stage Winners

The winning entry will be the person that predicts the most stage winners. Where scores are tied, the number of second positions are taken into account, then third positions if necessary. Team Time Trials do not count towards the Stage Winners contest.

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