The Rules

It's not always possible to take every scenario into account, so these rules provide further clarity on some of the more intricate details of the competition.

Determining the Best Rider

The rider that counts for your entry will be the rider that posts the quickest time in the stage in the published results. Where times are identical, the rider with the best finishing position will be used. There are some circumstances where a riders time may be better despite having a lower finishing order, due to bonus seconds or if a rider is awarded a notional time in the event of a crash at the finish. For the purposes of this competition the time is the determining factor.

Bonus Seconds

Bonus seconds are typically awarded to riders finishing a stage 1st (10), 2nd (6) and 3rd (4), and can also be awarded for intermediate sprints and mountain passes. Where a rider wins bonus seconds in a stage, this will be reflected in their stage time for the day. Bonus seconds aren't typically awarded for Time Trials.


Where a rider fails to post a finishing time for a given stage, the time awarded to that rider will be equal to the worst rider that did complete the stage. Any selections for that rider in any subsequent stages will be removed for all entries.

Other players selections

The rider selections for other players in this competition will be hidden from view until the cut-off time for the relevant stage. Once riders are 'locked in' you are able to see the rider selections for all players.

Force majeure

There may be times where it is not possible to make a rider selection, or even a very late rider withdrawal. Or a delay to the results coming in which prevent you from 'recycling' a rider from a previous stage. In special circumstances you can email me your rider selections and, as long as they are received prior to the start of the stage and offer no unfair advantage, I will consider making changes on behalf of those players, but reserve the right not to do so. Whatever decision I make it will be in the interest of fairness.

What do I win?

Nothing but the admiration of those around you. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from setting up a personal league with your friends, family or work colleagues and having a little wager amongst yourselves.

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